Monday, August 18, 2008

Bear On The Prowl

The video on the right addresses the issues of Recent Russia's Invasion of Georgia and puts it in the context. Find out what is the context. The Text Below:

In this program, we raise the issue of Russia's invasion of Georgia as well as, the Economic and Political basis of emergence of RUSSIA as a new aggressor, along with Venezuela and Iran.

Let us remember, as much as Russians may not like either Ahmedin Jihad or Chavez , they like the money and that makes them ally of Iranian mullahs and Venezuelan Dictator. USA efforts to acquiesce Russia, as USA entered IRAQ are a part and parcel of the mistakes that lead to Re-creation of Russian Bear. From the bankrupt country to powerful military and economic power.

Looks like we may look with nostalgia at CHAVEZ and AHMEDIN JIHAD as mischief as we see the RUSSIAN Bear On the PROWL again.
Unfortunately USA forgot the lesson that Grand Old Man Ronald Reagan has thought us.
If you want to keep Russians and all others Neutral one needs to bring the OIL prices down not up. It was the lowering of OIL prices that brought RUSSIA to its knees. Misguided USA polices of last few years made Trillioners out of OUR enemies and now we face RICH mischief instead of poor despots.

Russia's actions in Georgia indicate that Russia is back dreaming big. It needs Naval access in the South as its waterways in the North are frozen for the good part of the yearly season. Baltics, watching very carefully the events in Georgia, wonder if they are next on Russia's Agenda. Naval presence and exit through Baltic see and Black See and Mediterranean are what Russia has its sights on. They couldn't care less about OSETIA and/or Abchasia if it was not for these reasons.

So, we come back calling to USA leaders old and new. Let's go back to Reagan Polices of keeping the Russia and Related Axis of mischief down. Even if it takes slowdown in the USA and world economies it is worth to make the PUTIN/MEDVEDEV/AHMEDINJIHAD/CHAVEZ fight for market share instead of becoming mega Trillioners and more and more aggressive in challenging USA.


Wanderer said...

Dear Boris,
Good morning.
Still going through the last couple of weeks of updates. Have I got it right, a possible antidollar low around here with a retest or new lows at a later date in September?
I hope that all is well with you these days.
Thanks and good trading to you.


אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Dear Boris,
Thank you for your insightful comments on the geopolitical scene.
Most appreciated.
Good trading,

boris said...

Dear Wanderer
You do not miss the beat even after
few weeks out.
Like the fast thinking.
Saves my EYES and Fingers, let alone depleted brain cells.

Grand welcome back to you, My Dear Friend Bert
Good Trading

boris said...

And Dear Friend Klaatu,
Thank you very much. I just hope that I can contribute my two cents worth to the debate, if we are on the right course or not.

I appreciate judgment form the clear thinker like yourself and god knows we have few of our own grand YOUNG men here on this board to supplement the Late President Reagan.
Did not agree with him on all, but hey, he knew how to handle foreigners(:-

Good Trading

Wanderer said...
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Wanderer said...

Dear Boris,
Thank you my friend.
It's nice to be back reading your helpful and kind words.
All the best to you and the anti-sopitalists:)!