Monday, August 25, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

The Beasts are Unchanged

06:57 ET, Dear Subscriber, This is your chance to tell me what Big Picture Item Are you missing. The first set has JPY/SPX/EUR/USOoil, Second One I suggest will have GLD/SLV/QQQQ/CAD. Third is up for grabs. Only 4 additional choices will be included. Please vote here with your choices. So, in the end there will be 3 Big Picture Items and will have total 12 Items. 4 are left to choose. One week will be given for members to make the choices and most popular 4 will end up in the bigpicture3. These will be placed on protected site only and will not be emailed.

On the shakers output the following 5 stocks attracted my attention. There is over 60 new stocks, but these are highest dividend payers. This is not a recommendation at all. Just thinking that one or more of these maybe great stocks eventually with some upside potential and YIELD that can not be denied.

CDR 6.70% SHOPPING CENTERS( DRUG Stores, Supermarkets)

Ok, this shows where USA is today. We consume ENERGY, for sure, mostly cooking in house(:-, Grow the trees, Somebody must be taking to Peak-Oil, seriously(:- , Bread And Circuses Roman style(:-, I thought Builders Were dead(:-, and no matter what, we need to eat and take DRUGS, it could all mean the same thing anyway!


John said...


good morning

old john

gorli said...

good morning, boris,
have you stopped publishing the big picture for gold and silver?

boris said...

Dear Gorli,
I will Make another bigpicture2 and will send it to you, which will include those.
It is an incredible work that I am just not able to do on an individual bases. Automation is out of question as it is graphics and has to be drawn, Photographed and send. Let me do it this way. I will make up Big Picture 2 that will have most other popular items.
Still more work but not 20 graphs, just one.

GOod Trading

boris said...

Dear Gorli,
It is not only making these pictures, sending them is absolutely physically impossible task.

So, Perhaps, soon I will just post BigPicture1 and BigPicture2 on protected site and not sen them at all.

Graphics files are big and make it absolutely impossible task to work with. In todays ISP world.

Good Trading

sharon said...

Dear all - good morning

John taylor said that the dollar could depreciated additional 40% againt the currencies index in the following 3 years based on the weakness of the US real-estate market.

Maybe Greenspan is right and US should open its gates to foriengers that will buy its empty houses. creating a global solution for a local problem


sharon said...


boris said...

Dear Sharon, I have been saying this before many of these people.
My projections are worst for Dollar 2010-1011 range.

This is over 2 years.
Respect Tailors Opinion and so do Greenspans(:_

Good Trading

sharon said...

Dear Boris

maybe it will be a good idea to sell my dollars in March09 and buy Shekels...


boris said...

Dear Sharon,
I would not buy SHEKELS, I would buy JPY and SWISSY
EVEN EARLIER than that!
Good Trading

curaki said...

Hi Boris,
do you still think CHF will do better than EUR in the next months/years? I am a little dissaponted with CHF performance related to EUR in the last year.

If you prefer CHF over EUR, do you have some idea how much in percents could CHF appreciate in next 2-3 years, related to EUR?

Related to EURUSD, will this coming bottom in EUR be the lowest point for the next 2-3 years (2011?)?

Please answer only if you have enough time.

Thanks, Ivan

boris said...

Dear Ivan,
Good Morning to you My Dear Friend.

YEs, I think SWISSY may outperform EURO, but hard to get my hands around it, due to the EURO being new beast in the currencies market. To spare you mistakes , BUY both(:-
Second question is answered by first.( seriously, I think it could outperform, as EURO may at some point be almost required to pick up where Dollar left and get EUROPEANS to spend with abandon,or world will be abandoned).

Not 100% sure though.

Question three, most likely

Good Trading Dear Ivan

sharon said...

Dear Boris

I hear you. I familier with your targets for the shekel :
4.5 - 2009
4.8 -2012

as of now it looks impossible , but 3.5 in 2006 looked impossible as well :-)

I know you are not an Orcale, but I hope yo call it right.


boris said...

Dear Sharon,
I may have to have some adjustment those...

I think 2009 could give 4.25 and no more

I think 2012 could give 4.50 and
no more

I think 2015 could give 8.0 and more

Good Trading

sharon said...

dear boris
2/3 of my investments are dollar related (against the shekel, where I live) I should consider swap a 1/3 to other currencies you mentioned, and maybe one day swap all to blocks and buy a house :)

thank you dear friend

boris said...

Dear Sharon,
I do not really know, but I have negative bias towards Israely economy and the way it has been able to "GROW".

Many exists have been perforemed with subpar technologies and earned lot of money to lot of people in ISRAEL, without really delivering the world class technology to the buyers...

Maybe that is why the stocks are down around the world.

I think ISrael benefits a lot with innovation and technology and technogists that once came from RUSAIA .

That is no more happenning and the cost of doing business in ISRAEL is higher than almost anywhere else these days.

So, I think all engines of growth are dying for Israeli economy.

Even the military exports may start suffering as GEORGIANS found out that Israeli staff did not help them to stop RUSSIANS. Now that may have nothing to do with how good Israeili military tech is and more to do how once proud GEROGIANS are not same kind of warriors they once used to be(:-

In any case, I really , really think that YOUNG population, and all, with the loss of tech superiority over ASIA and even emerging EUROPE, I am not so optimistic about the Israeli economy.

Now, about the houses, I think the BRITT are still coming to Israel, but to sell what they bought couple years ago, as their own currency , home prices and liquidity is diving. Russians are not coming , they are going, as GERMANY may offer them better conditions than Israel does and The only still loyal FRENCH Jews, may lose the appetite as EURO may not be as strong as it used to be last couple years( get stronger but slowly , to mask the EURO pride for a year or so).

FRENCH may decide to do what BRITT and RUSSIAN are already doing and AMERICANS forget it, the have no money to buy anything anywhere, even in America itself.

SO, who buys the $400.000.00 3 bedroom condo in Netanya. I think only stupid. Who will regret it next year. Once SHEKEL is 6 Dollars again. We shell resume this discussion.

Good Trading Dear Sharon

sharon said...

Dear Boris

thanks for clearing your point. I tend to agree that in Israel we act like an herd in short times, therfore things happens here are pretty extreme like the good example of the Natania's condo(dear old john probably think right now what he can buy in his neighborhood for the same price)


boris said...

Dear Sharon,

Yes, that is my point.
YOu can buy MACMANSIONS in
Las VEGAS, PHOENIX, and other places for that price.

Of course, the arrogance of the BOI letteing the SHEKEL go where it went is what lead to this situation, but they will learn.
Hard way.

Good Trading

Wanderer said...

Dear Boris,
Good morning.
Good trading to you.


tim9lives said...

Dear Boris,,,I like the new Big Picture offerings,,,your site gets better all the time.
My first choice for a Big Picture would be the Dollar Index,,,,if possible
Thanks again for the great work and help you provide.
Thanks again- Tim

boris said...

Dear Tim,
I will try, but I have yet to find a good consistent source of DX cash info ( for free). I would love to include it. Maybe you subscribe to something that carries the cash DX and send me the readings daily or let me know how you get it.

Good Trading

boris said...

Dear Bert, same there. Good Trading
to you and all our Canadian Friends.

Thanks Dear Bert

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Dear Boris,
One site that might provide some
data on the cash Dollar index
In the quote box use the symbol
DXY0 (0 being # zero).
You can then get a chart on it also.Prices are delayed
If any one is looking for live currency quotes/charts one of the best free sites is
You get live quotes on every currency and the charts are first class. You can click on any chart and draw trend lines and Fibonacci
#'s on the chart.And they have
several indicators and moving averages in which you can establish your own parameters.
All you need to do is establish a password.I did so 8 years ago and I just checked and it still works.
Boris I would be glad to send the Dxy data to you, but some days I can't think and last few days have been utter confusion.(Took the wrong medicine this a.m.)
Thanks for all the input.Everyday in everyway the blog is getting better and better.
Good trading Klaatu

tim9lives said...

Klaatu and Boris,,,I do subscribe to Barchart,,,and have real time quotes for USD futures on the NYBOT.
$DXY - ??
Inform me what you desire,,,I can forward it to you,,,like I said,,,I'm a Rookie,,,:)

boris said...

Dear Klaatu,

Consider yourself for credit for that Dear Klaatu.

I could not do it alone. For sure.
All participants are absolutely phantastic, tollerant of others ideas and freehanded in providing their own.

No, pinch me, I am not dreaming.
I have best blog bunch in the world and I only hope to deserve them.

Thanks Dear Klaatu and all Love you guys/girls.

At the end of the day , you make this site what it it.

I try my beast to lead. God will judge quality of that.

Good Trading and thanks for info. I will check

Dear Tim, I am going to check with you inprivate as well.