Thursday, August 14, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

Our Asian, Australian and European Friends Enjoy the Attraction Points, Courtesy of our current Generous Subscribers

02:29 ET, few words about SHEKEL here. We projected SHEKEL , along with other currencies to go lower into SEPT/OCT Period that is on SCHEDULE. We stated that 3.16 was an INSURMOUNTABLE WALL FOR SHEKEL to go OVER, since that week SHEKEL has lost close to 14%. Not bad so far. We think 3.62 presents resistance and next one will be famous 3.78, Which we predicted all the way back in 2006/Decemeber ( SHEKEL was 4.50 at that time).


Vishal said...

Good morning Boris

Are we still looking at august 17th +/- as a low ?

boris said...

Dear Vishal, the way the markets have developed, August 17 can not be, but minor cycle even if at all. next big one is aournd 27 of August. Frankly hard to tell.

Read the market commentary on pressure graph to understand why. It could go either way
Good Trading dear Vishal

John said...


Good morning , up early to pick up the kids.

Good trading to all.

old john

boris said...

Dear John,

GOod Trading

lagscrew said...

buy twm

boris said...

Dear Lag,
Good Luck.
GOod Trading