Friday, August 08, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

6462 6426 6368 6273 DAX 6636 6671 6729 6824
3359 3347 3328 3296 ESTX 3416 3428 3447 3479

One of our Subscribers Dear F, writes.

Hope all is well with you and the family.

I am very happy with the information you supply to me. FYI, I receive the intra Day APs at b/w 8.55 and 9.05am CST USA. I do not know whether this is timely from your send out although I know you have stated many times that you are fighting the ISPs..

I've found that some of the intra day APs have already been reached by the time I receive your data.

Is there much more timely delivery of AP if I leave myself logged into the google protected site, earlier than the above times stated, to received the data before receipt via email posting.??

I am sure Dear F means Intraday APs.

Here is what I propose.

Everybody has the list, or can see it on the Login/protected site.
Please , everybody send me ( the item titled "CHOICES", which contains nothing but 3 lines of the following kind.


These are symbols that will be counted and the 5 most popular symbols will be placed on the protected site, before we even start working on emails or anything else. In fact, email maybe discontinued completely. Rest of the symbols will be given with some delay, without any promise, but will try to keep it under 10 ET.

08:17 ET, EURO has a destiny with 1.50 level ( 62% FIBO and area of FDLAP/SDLAP).
It was only few day ago,EURO was gracing the FourthAHAP and a 70cents away from the GOLDEn Point.
Good Trading


waldo said...

Good morning Boris and all, looks like the dollar may have broken out this morning so my question is with so many U.S. companies doing business overseas and the dollar getting stronger I would think there profits will start shrinking since they will receive less dollars for there products due to foreign currencies weakening with the exchanges of currencies. Lord I hope you can understand what I am trying to say. Waldo

curaki said...

Hi Boris,
do you still think, it's time for dollar's (healthy) correction?
Thanks, Ivan

boris said...

Dear Waldo,
I do. Remember me?

I am the one stating that "THOSE COMPANIES" are on welfare with "SOCIAL SECURITY" funds of SENIORS. So the theft is going to stop or slow down?

SO BE IT!!! my dearest FRIEND \

For once let them earn what they eat.

Good Trading

boris said...

Dear Ivan,
I said there will be MAD( ACCELERATION) in dollar and we see it finally ( I would not fight it) It may not end for anogher 15-20 trading days. But there has to be some stop somewhere, or has it?

I am not that smart.

All I can tell you is to repeat what I said million times.

We are going higher into SEP/OCT and then into FEB/MARCH(2009) for some currencies.

EUOR/SWISSY may finisht their missery this SEP or so.

You can see my limitations now, right, I do not know markets all the time.

Only at inflition points.

So, do not listen to me , if you can, in between those. Turn Boris RADIO OFF(:-

Good Trading

John said...


Good morning. I can see my friend Waldo woke up earlier than I today.

old john

boris said...

Dear John,
Welcome to Dollar RAMPAGE!

Good Trading

Jason said...

Unfortunately I closed my long USD trades yesterday, all be it with a nice profit I should have held a little for longer time frame. Do you think EUR will bounce soon enabling me to sell it again?

boris said...

Dear Jason, Euro has just hit 62 FIBO, it is very likely to see some stopps here. But no guarantees in this market.

They got lot of bozos empty their pockets of the Dollars at the top.

Good Trading