Friday, August 29, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints)

1286 1283 1277 1269 spx 1302 1306 1312 1320
3.76 3.73 3.68 3.62 tnx 3.89 3.92 3.97 4.03

11:14 ET, OK, it is time to put the trade of today on cruse control. If you shorted yesterday or today, you must have 50-70c profits on Q positions. Place the break even stop loss and go watch baseball(:-

I am a "free trader", As I said, I love all FREE TRADES I make(:-

12:42 ET, For Currency Lovers, YEN is still at it. As we suggested YEN would trounce the EUROS in this period and that is exactly what happened. It has all but annihilated GBP and beaten severely SWISSY and EURO, the time is coming for payback and watch for that announcement.


John said...


Everyone have a nice weekend, going to Cubs game.

old john

Wanderer said...

Have a great time!


boris said...

Dear John,
ENjoy the game.
Dear Bert,
YOu too(:-
Good trading

sharon said...

dear all happy labor day

sharon said...


boris said...

Dear Sharon,
The labor day is for me.
Maybe my troubled bones will rest on this long weekend(:-
I had had not a single vacation since last summer.

GOod Trading.

sharon said...

Dear Boris

I was sure you are not human. but every day I learn something new :-)

Rest and enjoy dear Boris, you deserve it !


boris said...

I have to go back and ask my Mother , if i could, how could they imprint computer in me, when there were no computers then?

Good Trading