Monday, August 11, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints)

1288.0 1285.6 1281.7 1276.9 $spx 1298.1 1300.5 1304.4 1309.3

Please forgive me wrong date in the files (0809 -> should read 0811)

11:18 ET, Market is in vulnerable zone, 11:30 ET, +- 15 minutes defines that zone.
12:10 ET, Did not work out as a turn. Well, 1325 seems to have a lot of attraction. Now we hit the Fourth on EMINI though.

13:10 ET, Dear Readers, It is almost too good to be true. The turn date is as you can see (1x, next one) and the lowest level in Gold is under 800, please see it. To me this is unbelievable.
How well this outlook has worked.

13:14 ET, everybody that is wondering about the turn date for ANTIDOLLAR armagedon, look at the GOLD PROJECTIONS, the earliest one is right there ( see protected site). THIS, MOST LIKELY WILL COME ALONG WITH TURN IN EQUITIES?

13:55 ET, Dear Reader, we can not be selective in what we look at. That is the same as being totally subjective, Must consider all evidence. Every post since the market turn, is telling to be very cautious , because this could be a rally that lasts. Please do not hang on on single evidence. That is a sign of disrespect to the market and that never makes money. With the ANTIDOLLAR as it is, the possibility was that all the money will go into BONDS and Stocks would get nothing and go down, the other possibility was that STOCKS would get most of the money. So, what we see is that Stocks are getting most of it.


lagscrew said...

buy TWM 66.85

boris said...

Good Luck Dear Dag
Good Trading

gorli said...

hi boris, what is your opinion abut silver and gold?

xerxes said...

Hello Dear Boris.....

It appears that the barbaric relic is doing the "limbo rock." How low can it go ??

boris said...

Dear Gorli,
It is obvious that our ANTIDOLLAR forecast was

I am looking at the same projections you are.

Does not look good . this is broken trend and we shell see how the projections play out.

Dear Xerxes the same answer here

Good Trading

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Hi Boris, well it seems everyone and there brother is waiting for the 1325 to go short, the boyz may just bring her down here. The chinese mkts are down 60% from its high and china has a 10% growth and the u.s has none. What is wrong with this picture. Manipulation at its finest. Waldo

boris said...

Dear Waldo,

GOod Trading

Blaine said...

I understand the turn date for Gold to move higher (and ANTI-Dollar higher), but will this mark a bottom or top in stocks?


John said...



old john

boris said...

Dear Blaine,
All, I know is that,
I did not want to get ahead and stand in front of this market( shorting)

Among the chief reasons, it does not look ready yet! and ANTIDOLLAR was not complete , as you could see on the projections. Now , ANTIDOLLAR is not supposed to omplete... you know looking at your charts.

That is why I am so hesitant about shorting market or advising to short it, but with atmost care and stops ( less than coffe money).

THis is an unforgiving brutal market for those in ANTIDOLLAR.

I have prepared all of you for this with SEPT being ANTIDOLLAR target for punishment. RIght, for a long time.

GOod Trading

Blaine said...

Dear Boris,

How long are we supposed to ignore the MDS? Even after modifying it, I still don't trust it yet. It has been very wrong for a few days now in a row now and you are saying not to scale. Do you still trust it? Do you still believe in the scaling formula?


sharon said...

Dear all

Sorry for not buying this party. OIL and other commodities are down since demands are down. so who are the fools that buying the NAZ, are they thinking that as of tommorow cars will drive on microsoft windows and people will eat iPhone for lunch?

there is no common-sence in this market just a lot of confusion and bunch of people who dont accept that the good years are over for awhile.


sharon said...


boris said...

Dear blaine,
I do not trust one tool no matter how good.

Weight of evidence is what counts.
Yes the system on the sell.

That is a YELLOW flag.

I keep saying this market is going higher, because it is not going lower. The pressure chart is clear that the possibilities exist on that this market could move higher longer than any of us thinks.

I publish it and and look at many things. So should everybody.

I kept saying this market belongs to bulls until 1234 is broken.

Trust only all evidence.

Good Trading

Blaine said...

I agree with your logic Boris. I just don't understand why this market is going higher. That's why it will stay irrational longer than I can stay solvent.

boris said...

Dear Blaine,
Markets are not irrational.
Markets have given us patterns and probabilities and we need to study them and respect them.

If some guy hits me once , I remember not to upset that guy again. We seem to be more easy with our money than we are with our body.

It is clear Body is harder to replace, but the money is very hard to replace too.

GOod Trading

DXB said...


hello there.

It seems a few things have changed down here on the blog ...

One thing that hasn't is your bad-ass market wisdom.

passed by to see what you have to say re georgia and russia.

good trading

boris said...

Dear Dxb,
Good TO hear from you,
I do not understand you remark about BAD-ASS staff, but if would be specific, we may have something to talk.

Georgia/Russia, Let us leave it where it is. Nothing ever chanes in RUSSIA/GEORGIA relationship.


What more can you ask.

You, seee, if I could only understand which market wisdom of ine you do not like I could answer. Until then hello, my long lost brother.

Good Trading

DXB said...

haha boris

bad-ass meaning excellent in slang.

as always , excellent market wisdom.

thanks for the heads up on the two countries.

boris said...

Dear DXB,
I got to go back to USA,
to get the feel for that slang.

Thanks anyway.
I thought you knew somthing about foreign exchange /gold markets and missed you here.

Good For you to come and visit.
I guess,I always knew that there was something about you that I liked ( measured abrasivness) of the Middle Easterner.

Good Trading

DXB said...


i gladly announce that U made me a better speculator thru Ur daily market wisdom.

plus you are an all-round good man anti-sopitalist who came up with that genius word

have a good night sir

boris said...

Dear Dxb,
I guess, as the saying goes.

One will gain what one planted.
Or as My Very, very remote mentor
Shota Rustavely Said..

You find what you give
All else is lost.

Good Trading Dear Dbx
I had no Idea you continued to watch the site.

DXB said...

Actually, just tonight, was curious about your political view on current events so decided to stop by.

like i said above, things have changed here dramatically!

boris said...

Dear John,
Sorry, I missed you comment.

GOod Trading Dear John

boris said...

Dear Sharon,
I missed your comments as well,
Sorry, I know for many who went short a bit early, this was not the most pleasurable day.

But that is how markets are, some are short and some are long(:-

I hope it all works out for early shorts. I believe that now, and tomorrow, we would have come closer to a market that can be short with a more probable good outcome.

Good Trading

sharon said...

Dear Boris

I havent short yet. I listen carefully to my mentor who said at least 10 times in this blog that consider all evidences he would not short this market yet.


boris said...

Dear Sharon,

Good Trading

curaki said...

Hi Boris,
what do you think about long EURJPY here, at 163.50?
Thanks, Ivan

boris said...

Dear Ivan,
I bought that spread this morning.
I think it is good for couple days.

But it would better if you buy it 3-4 weeks down the road.

Good Trading