Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Annual Reports

Dear Readers/Subscribers,
As my work has progressed, a lot of clients asked to produce and provide the Annual Reports, Like YBR, for currencies and Gold and OIL ( Yearly, not just Quarterly) etc.

As subscribers know, I have never promised them the Quarterly SEEFUTURE reports, but because so many of them have subscribed for Yearly Tailored Service, I decided to help them and provide these Reports FREE. This will continue to be the case and even the quarterly subscribers will receive the Quarterly SEEFUTURE reports, but we can not provide YEARLY REPORT to the quarterly Subscribers. The Yearly Reports are $1000 each and can be obtained free with the Annual $1000 subscription to Tailored Service. We had clients that have made multiple Millions on just our GOLD/OIL predictions this July. The new subscribers or those who would renew and will be prorated, can receive These Yearly reports. By its nature these reports are priceless ( if correct , I hope) as they allow planning for a longer term investment horizon. There is no way we can give them away easy. So, far it has been institutional investors, mostly, who went for these reports.
Thanks For Inquiries.

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