Saturday, July 19, 2008

Friends In White House

Just this week, the president lifted the executive order banning drilling that George H.W. Bush put in place in 1990. And he's asked Congress to lift its own moratorium on oil exploration on the outer continental shelf -- which includes coastal waters as close as three miles from shore.

Dear Readers, this is what happens when you have friends in White House. One phone call from Boris and BINGO. President himself , oilman , send the dagger through the heart of OIL speculation.
Please, forget, it is oil JOKE, I have no friends In Washington, but if you read my
ANTIDOLLR REPORT $100. You would have known/participated in this anyway!?
FEW words to SHAKERS service subscribers.
1) Put all 500 stocks above FAHAP ( ranked below 0) , from column 1, into YAHOO portfolio ( fahap1 fahap2 fahap3, only 200 fits in a single portfolio)
2) Go to the name & cap display and watch the names. Take out everything with STEEL,ENERGY,MINERALS, COAL, RESOURCES , POTASH( these are strong , but on their way down)
3) Search for anything else, especially PHARMA,ECOLOGY,LIFE SCIENCES,BIOTECH,SOFTWARE, and similar names ( these are strong, just getting stronger)
Good Sleuthing


gracie44 said...

Dear Boris,

Your daughter is beautiful, I think I'm in love.....It is truly a pleasure to hear all the terrible news of my beloved USA concerning my countries rapidily failing economic health from Julie's lips. Bad news from her somehow brings a smile to my tired face.....

Keep up the good work!!

boris said...

Dear Gracie,
I am thrilled with your appreciation of our work. We would love the most uplifting news we can have, but we decided we do not like to fake ( not our specialty) and there are plenty of others who do that.

So, we do what the best to paint the picture as it is. Thank you for admiring my daughters work, but do not forget I was there first(:-. I love her work so much so that, I work for nothing to make a better future for her.

I can only wish that youngsters all over the world ( over 100 counties, view us) will listen to her and take her message seriously, but not as hard is it would come from us adults.

Gracie Mille, Dear Gracie

tim9lives said...

Dear Boris,
Yes,,I've been watching dollar and Anti-Dollar,,,studying these as best my limited ability allows.
This one is a tough call for tomorrow IMO. Could go either way is all I can come up with,,,so I plan on watching dollar moves at 2:00 AM,,,,,that may set the trend IMO.
By the way,,,interesting that we not only deal with Iran with oil,,,but now Exxon and China are making the news wires over rights to explore in Vietnam.
Many historians have commented that fights will develop between nations over natural resources.
It appears they may have been correct.
We always have something to push these markets back and forth.
Good trading- Tim

boris said...

Dear Tim,
Thanks for you comments.
Thoughtful and timely.

Indeed, fights for resources.
That seems to be modus operandy for so many today...

Good Trading

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

hello boris, julie and all, could someone tell me how to watch video, I can only get sound. I have downloaded the divx but don't know where or what to do next. I am just an old man that don't know a whole lot about computers. Thanks as always, Waldo.

boris said...

Dear Waldo,
If you downloaded the Divx, Player.
Then it should be able to play the video. Just run the DIVX player and indicate in the URL the file you want to play. Now, I was under impression that even if you ran the WINDOWS MEDIA player, it would know how to find and deal with DIVX format, but perhaps I am wrong on this myself.

Try, Play the video with DIVX palyer.

Good Trading Dear Waldo

lagscrew said...


My stuff is saying this has run out of gas or very close--still have srs--maybe oil will pop up again

Vishal said...

Download VLC Media Player. Freeware, no spyware installed, plays almost all popular video formats, divx, avi, wmv, mpeg, mpg, vob, mp3 etc.

No need to install any codecs or anything

Here is a link :

boris said...

Dear Lag,
Thanks for update
GOod trading

boris said...

Dear Vishal,
Yes, I am falimiar with Videolan,
Have not used it lately though.

Good Trading to you and thanks a lot for providing info.