Tuesday, July 29, 2008


With all that is going on and the Book Empire of Debt making headlines, I have come to realise that the real/alternative title of the book that is needed is the one called EMPIRE OF THEFTH . For you see all debt will be paid via lower living standards of the common people, while SOPITALISTS enrich themselves. This process is pure and simple THEFT.
Even Died In the Wool SOPITALIST Lord Keynes understood this, with his famous quote about not even one in million understanding how the theft works clickme-> Maynard_Keynes
The largest part of the THEFT is shown in the Depreciation of the Social Security Moneys and the value of American Worker. To understand the colossal parts of EMPIRE OF THEFT, one needs to read the clickme->
SaveSocialSecurity title below on this page. Medicare is another one . And yes book can be written on this, but I am a POET at heart and do not like anything too long ( even trading(:- ). So, the article below gives a glimpse of how the EMPIRE OF THEFT operates and you can see why. Once Internationalists(FED/IMF/BIS, Multinationals,Wall Street, Politicians, in short SOPITALISTS, individually enriching themselves personally with streams of income/wealth, producing only common debt) Got the Hold of all branches of our government, they have done everything to transfer USA wealth to other nations and bring AMERICAN people on their knees. AMERICA it is your time to wake up or break up.


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