Monday, March 24, 2008

Thanks For Being With Us

MDS ON SELL Approaching Millenuem Of Returns, Summation remains on BUY
I had a wonderful day today sitting here in for my father. Boy! this is hard, but very interesting. Thanks everybody. Everybody was nice to me and I tried my best. I hope to see you again back here doing what we do best. Watching the markets. Yours Julie

Click -> GROUPTATION link my mornings start there. So should yours.
Dear Readers The National SOPITALIST Casino will soon be closed for today and the Wall Street ( WELFARE STATE ) will go to burbs to count money they screwed ordinary citizens out of. My father did not trade today(vacation) Dollar rose today Just about against every currency. GOLD was down 0.5% again and so was SILVER. Interest rates rose? Oil lost another 1% . Stock market ended much higher after our expectation was that MDS buy signal was about to deliver another BANG OF a DAY.

Please note, the fact, that 18 March(which we whispered to our customers, beforehand ) turned out to be one hell of turn date. Everything has turned. Well, do you like to make and trade calls like this? look at the services section below.Services Section
MDS is now a standalone service ( or included/free in TAILORED-OFFER) at $500/Year, for new subscribers.To make the payments Paypal, needs only my email and name Boris Chikvashvili.


Greenie said...

A comment to Lag.

Dear Lag,

I know you are a smart guy and have enough of your own tools to figure out the direction of the market, but just wanted to tell you that the market has changed recently. It is not bearish like from last year's June to this March.( Was it because of Boris' March 18th turn date?) So, be careful about shorting, and look for more longs.


lagscrew said...

THX Greenie for the concern--always like pro's advise which you are.

my plan is to get out on the next correction which should be soon.

Dont expect much but maybe I can break even or so. we should see the wavw 4 Mark talked about and that should coincide with MDS and my work as well. after today mine should be a sell,just dont know how much.

I may take a break which I have wanted to for a short time. let them take it up

John said...

Opinions on interest rates? 10 yr bond?


old john

Blaine said...

Interesting commentary on fiat money, derivatives and the BSC rescue:

young grasshopper said...

Hi Julie,

Thanks for holding the fort while your Dad is gone. He deserves a break.

Nice picture, it livened up this site.

If you can, please update us on the status of the StockSystemStat; is it still XXBB ? Did the MDS cross into a sell yet?

On your blog site, I noticed that you haven't posted any new topics yet. Can I suggest a topic? People will visit more often if you post often. You mentioned compounding, and getting 10% a year. There isn't a financial institution that I know that will promise a rate so high. There is always the risk of not getting the 10% and even loosing some.

aaaaaaum said...

This weekend after talking to my brother, I learned that he staunchly believed that the FED was a legit US government organization.

His response was "if everything is going to hell, why is it that the Aga Khan is heavily invested in the STANs, and North and East Africa, and India through dams, airlines, banks, hospitals, universities, schools, etc?" He (brother) even believed that banks would stage a massive turn-around in the next five years.

I had no answer.

So I emailed him some URLs so that he could educate himself.

I am still shocked that my brother (money smart, Electrical Engineer, and well read) doesn't know about the FED.

boris said...

Dear AaaaaaUm
I am back, Julie stays as a helper, good one at that.

Yes, I hear you, how many people, even in USA know what FED is?

I rest my case.

Good Trading

boris said...

Dear Hopper,
Julie is off to school,
When she comes, I will ask her to deal with your remarks... (:-

Thanks for your kind words. I hear she did a splendid job on a difficult day.

Good Trading

boris said...

Dear Lag,
Regarding your question concerning the High ticks in financials. I guess they are starting to trade these stocks like JPY(:-

Lot of tails up and down...

That is a sure sign of Big Trader Manipulations.

GOod Trading

curaki said...

Hi Boris,
I can imagine that EURUSD could have similar graph like GBPUSD in November. Do you think it's possible to see this kind of top for EURUSD?
Regards, Ivan

boris said...

Dear Ivan,
Everything is possible in this mad market. You are never there, or so it seems. That is because the speculator community, supported by central bankders is out of their minds. They want to make all the money on ordinary people that they have lost in "ligitimate operations".

Yeah, you are dealing with the BANKS and Financial institutions that are and act like your worst enemies. They do not want to miss the beat on the good life and it must come from somewhere. You know where it comes from, cause you have been reading this site long time.

So, anything is possible, including running the degerate currency like BRUTISH point to 2.12


Good Trading

boris said...

Dear Readers,Subscribers,
In conjunction with the question posed by Dear Iivan, please review the turn dates you have been given and watch carefully what MDS says, cause you know by now, that MDS is not just a stock market predictor. NOP....

Yes MDS predicts the Currencies or at least the most important of them JPY..

Good Trading

Wanderer said...

Dear Boris,
Good morning.
The euro also seems to pay attention to the MDS:) Thanks for the updates.
Good trading to you.


boris said...

Dear Bert,
The game is called ANTI-Dollar and Central Bankers are playing the "innocent game" very well, while running the biggest rigged game of Currency Manipulations in the world.

This is an end game for many in the sociecty who got so used living on the LOOT that they will not give it up until the entire GLOBE is engulfed in the mess not seen since the world war two.

Sorry not to be sugarcoating anyting here, but I thought that is what my subscribers expect from me is not it.

If somebody wants Phantasy It is found at CNBC/FOX and few other places LIKE BLOOMBERG. Not here.

Love those who love the truth. People who do not love truth are capable hurting others and themselves.

GOod Trading