Saturday, November 03, 2007

Mr. FISCHER, wants more inflation

Mr Stanley Fischer, Central Banker of Isreal wants more inflation.
I say watch your valets , It seems to me that in a twisted way Central Banker of Israel is telling , whoever wants to hear, that SHEKEL got too high and it will have to go down... Hahaha, how nice. Now if my prediction of Dollar Decline coming to an end within 4-5 weeks is correct , then SHEKEL has had it in the SUN. SELL it before PASSOVER


John said...

why would any central banker ( politician) be different? :)
Old JOhn

boris said...

Dear John,
Of course, nice question(: :)

Good Trading

Edwardo said...

FWIW, Boris, you are in good company regarding an impending low in the dollar. What would be a real bell ringer for a dollar low would be a cover story on the dollar's fall in Time or Newsweek.

John said...

Just like Time did a story about 77 or 78 about the impending ICE AGE?

boris said...

Dear Edwardo,
I have no probelm looking for such coincidenses and they have often come at the most emotional times, hwich means tops and bottoms in the markets.

My targets have not changed much, the Bottom in Dollar was projected around PASSOVER ( FEB/MAR). There could be a better deal for USDollar, perhaps it can turn early next Year with a secondary top in the PASSOVER. Beyond that my outlook for timing has not changed, but the pricewise , here at this level there could a reflex rally, but even the stronger/much stronger rally could develop from 74.

Good Trading Dear Edwardo and John