Monday, November 26, 2007


Dear Readers, here we bring two tables of GROUPTATION. One is for all the groups and one for REITS. We separate REITS out due to its importance to income conscious investors and desire for them to be in the groups that are doing and/or should do better.

Please notice the world has changed a bit last couple weeks. China is in the upper corner of the table ( search GROUPTATION ), CHINESE must have learned to say NIET to drugs ( sorry stocks)(: :) and Brazil is in the middle? BRIC(Brazil/Russia/India/China) got BRICKED or shell we say STONED?
Good Trading

Note:(ignore the reits entry in the larger table for now. Look at specific REITS in the REITS table)


pattern_solver said...

Dear Boris,

Good morning. Hope you had a good weekend and wish you a great week ahead.

Mkts. are still moving on expected lines. A quick recap of my last 3 comments.

1. Oct 23rd

So overall i still feel S&P has more downside towards the Aug closing LOws of 1430 range after a brief rally towrads 1537.

2. Oct 27th

I think another look of the charts gave me the confident picture about what we exchanged earlier.... i.e Nov 5th-8th TOP...

I am looking at the following dates.

Nov 5th-8th range TOP followed by BRISK correction till Nov 21st.

From Nov 22nd a FEROCIOUS rally

3. NOV 12th

S&P stretched a little higher to 1552 from the anticipated 1537 Tgt before moving down to today's 1446 open lows.

So any chance of a relief rally towards 1503 again before moving down to new Lows of 1370 range by end of the month before staging a new rally towards 1620 by Jan 14th 2008. ?
Your opinion Boris ?

SO since i commented last time, S&P rallied into 1492 on 14th i.e again shy of 10 points from the tgt and turned down to the Lows of 1415 on 21st Nov just like expected.

S&P rallied to 1440 on friday and i don't expect the RALLY has started

I think still there is no panic on any lows and i feel this is still a relief rally and again most likely go down to original mentioned 1370 and infact could even breach that slightly i guess........and form a Bottom fo a HUGE rally.

Also a big Swing of 400-500 point DOW down day in a single session is ideal guess to create panic towards the formation of the bottom and also a suprise Rate Cut from FEd could fuel the rally again.

your friend

boris said...

Dear Pattern_solver, Nemaste...
Appreciate you shareing your forecasts with our readers. And Yes you have been correct!

Now, I can not disagree with your current outlook either. I ( seems to me) like youreslf expect a brief rally early Dec and down move mid-late Dec. after that we shell lookat the Roadmpa again...

Good Trading Dear Friend ( pattern_solver)

syneasthesia said...

Good Morning Boris,
I appreciate your taking the time to call attention to certain “groups” that, in contrast to the aims of traders, are important to income conscious investors like myself.
Here is my question: as you comment to Jason, although groups might “appear” as a Buy opportunity, too often, they stay a very long time in the “Roach Motel,” to use your words. How do we know when to take a position in those ready to leave the “roach motel?”
Sincerely, Stan

boris said...

Dear Stan,
Thanks for you very important questions. And welcome back to the blog.

The Idea is as follows: The group that spedns more than a 2 months around or above 70 reading is probably a good candidate to stay in the "roach motel", But a group that goes there and comes out within few days with a big strong rally and reaches below or around 30 is a group that is worth watching for a retrace and make sure that on the retrace ( or the rally) it does not go back around 70 or above. This watching should last at most month as the group that became strong should not spend more than a month correcting. If this is the case that a former "ROACH MOTEL" group rallies and than retraces in a group below 70 then one must think of this group as a good candidate for investment. Must make sure that no bad news are streaming in the media or blogs or anywhere about this group and must make sure that the group was not in the 'BUBBLE" before it fell into the "ROACH MOTEL". In another words the group just must have fallen out of favor for no real good reason ( perhaps for fashion reasons(: :))

All of that and good technical watching of the main stocks in group has to give one a nice confidence to enter it, especially if the GENERAL MARKET also seems to be looking good. You just can not go wrong and if you start losing much money, you will quickly know something has been overlooked and is now apparent from the media. Get out immediately. You last resort is you and stops you place.

Good Trading