Friday, December 01, 2006

Do Not Fear Boris Is Here (::)

Hi there, We would like very much for
you to participate. You do not have to,
of course, enjoy the site and information.
For us it is enough to know that we are
helping some people, who would otherwise
be eaten by sharks on Wall Street.
In any case, speak up, we will all learn
something from your questions.
Good Trading.


silverisgood said...

I have sevral ounce's of physical silver in the form of coins and bars, should i cash that in, and get into the ETF?

thank you

boris said...

Congratulations my friend.
Silver will be good to you.
If you need to trade for some
reason ( perhaps you will need
the money soon) then I would say
go and hold it in the ETF form.
But if you ( I hope ) are holding
this for higher prices as a protection against inflation, just
keep it for now and until it reaches $17-20.
Thank you for your question and interest.

harleydog said...

would like to see qqqq's take out 43.34 for you, would you add here or move stop down to this level

boris said...

Hi Harleydog,
I would say that probability of
32.90 will increase very much if
43.34, even better 43.27 is broken.
I would, my friend, give a high probability that today is not the low of this move.
As you may have noticed the buy pressure ( see chart ) is not high enough for the turnaround to be at hand. I doubt that today's drop had
created enough of the BUY-PRESSURE
for the low to be in place.
Thanks you.
Good Trading

James said...

Hey Boris Do you mind if I ask you what data your buy/sell chart is based on? Thanks JC

boris said...

Hi James,
Sure... it is based on a precentage
of stocks with a potential to break
on the upside.

The part that is most interesting is how do we define the stocks with potential to break on the upside.

For now dear James we have not decided to make public the method we use to come up with that list. We believe that this is a crown jewel of our work ( all computerized ) that keeps us ahead of the other published and/or unpublished measurments of the market strength.
We may one day decide to make this public, but this time has not arrived yet.

Regards and Good Trading

kindspirited said...

Boris, I have January put options on the QQQQ, I know this is more risky than shorting the ETF, but my question is how can I manage a stop? the options would decay so rapidly if the market should run up to the area of your 44.21 stop.

James said...

Thanks Boris My QQQQ quotes are spiking all over the place screwing up my read on my charts. You notice? Best JC

boris said...

It is nice to have profitable problems. Good trading brother.
You are so right about the time sencitivity of your options. If I was in your shoes, I would watch RSI/MACD or whatever other strength indicators you like/trust and at the first sign of strength attempt to collect the profits. Could we miss the bigger profist, yes we could... but we could also collect much less on our options if market starts sideways/up move. You could continue to tune in and see when we collect our own 1/3 position profits and follow our action.

Unfortunately, it is hard to expect a quick collapse of the stock market in DECember...

So collect profits at the first sign of strength and deploy the money somwhere/sometime else.
Thanks a lot for you question
There is no smart way to put the stops on puts, but put it at the breakeven for now and let us see Monday, I will remember you and see if I can help you fine tune this thing.

boris said...

Yes Sir/James,
I am not at my Esignal today, actually I am watching BLOOMBERG today, and see what you say, but now it seems like things settled down. Perhaps couple bad prints...
Not sure yet. Let us see if we can learn more.
Keep me updated what you find.
Good Trading Buddy.

boris said...


Perhaps you want to work the way we do, which is collect partial profits. I do not know exactly how many option positions you have.
If this is applicable go to it my friend.
GOod Trading

silverisgood said...

Thank you boris, one last question if I may.

Where would you recommend one to cash in for a profit if silver was to reach say $20, not that i want to go dollars just for curiosity sake..I do not need the money at this time

thank you kindly great blog been following for a period, just was gun shy like everyone else I guess :)

boris said...

Dear Silverisgood.
Do I understand that you want to know what asset you would want to purchase once SILVER is good to sell... Assuming I understood the question, I would say this...
If Silver needs to be sold, that would mean that inflation is just about to dive strongly, right.
So, I would say Bonds...
Did I surprise you.
Thanks for your question. I told you we will all learn something.
And yes, there is absolutely no reason to be bashful. We are here to learn and support our lives without giving the parasites ( on Wall Street ) to take us to cleaners. Speak up, listen up and move forward togher.
Thanks again.
Good Trading